‘Our mission is clear - the services we provide must help our customers achieve a better alignment between the business- and IT-strategy, strengthen the conditions for innovation and agility, and ensure that the IT landscape can be operated, and the IT-projects implemented, in a straightforward and cost-optimal manner…’

Brian Halkjær
Managing Director & Partner

Management consulting, business-IT and digitalisation

Business needs set the scope for IT-strategy and systems, and as consultants we work at all levels - from optimising specific business processes, to strategic tasks, where the goal is to create the foundation that supports the entire business strategy and ensures long term competitiveness. 

Our strength is digitalisation strategies and the software side of IT, including knowledge about the requirements for - and the challenges imposed by - the individual subsystems, and how to connect and integrate the overall system landscape.

Moving your digitalisation agenda forward…

Whether you are looking for sparring or solutions at a strategic level, or in relation to more narrowly defined areas, we will be able to help. We have experience in working at all organisational levels, and with tasks that have impacted virtually all facets of digitalisation - from strategy and organization, to practical tasks, for example, process optimisation, application evaluation and selection, project and program management. 

Our tasks often have cross-organisational characteristics, which aim to grow digital maturity.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Application Management

When you want to support your business strategy and utilise your IT-investments in the best possible way…

When working with Enterprise Architecture and Application Management, the overall goal is to create the best possible conditions for executing the business strategy. The task is to ensure the interaction between the business architecture and the information systems and technology architecture, i.e.:

          Business architecture
          Defined by organisation, capabilities and business processes

          The information system architecture
          Comprising software applications, interfaces and data

          The technology architecture
          Comprising hardware and software components, services, etc.

We support our way of working, and document our results, by using recognised and data-driven Enterprise Architecture tools. Tools that will also help move your digitalisation agenda forward in the long run. The structured approach and choice of tooling simplifies the work related to information and data collection, provides business overview and data transparency, enabling simpler and more informed decision-making.

Working with Enterprise Architecture and Application Management is a cross-organisational discipline that creates the conditions for:

          Alignment between business and IT strategy 

          Innovation and agility

          Operational and IT cost optimisation

          Better GDPR overview and general risk minimization

Contact us

Brian Halkjær
Partner & managing director

       (+45) 52 21 15 48                    brian.h@konfident.dk

Specialist in IT architecture at both solution and enterprise level, and with broad industry experience. Brian has also been involved in founding several software companies and has acted as an advisor and sparring partner for a number of utility companies. 

Over a period of years, he worked as a senior IT architect at the LEGO Group. 

Brian has a degree in software engineering.

Thomas S. Rasmussen

       (+45) 51 24 50 11                    thomas@konfident.dk

Specialist in business development and strategy. Founded, and for several years headed up, a software company focusing on enterprise applications and systems integration within the energy and utilities industry. 

Thomas has also held leadership positions in several industrial companies. 

He has a MSc. in process control, that has been supplemented with management studies.

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