Digital transformation with Enterprise Architecture Management and LeanIX

Success with digital transformation and digital projects in general requires an overview of business, information technology, applications, and data in context. A prerequisite that has become significantly easier to comply with, because of a new generation of data-driven Enterprise Architecture Management tools.

At Konfident, we work to build or improve our customers' practices around Enterprise Architecture Management. We do this through a combination of business understanding, tool expertise, and recognition of each customer's unique situation.

We have chosen to work with LeanIX, which in our opinion is the best possible tool on the market when said practice within Enterprise Architecture Management is to be conducted successfully. It not only appeals to IT, but stakeholders throughout the entire business.


LeanIX reduces complexity and democratizes knowledge

LeanIX automatically provides easily accessible and up-to-date insights targeted at all the company's stakeholders, of course based on facts and information, whose maintenance can be delegated and automated. LeanIX is thus a paradigm shift away from specialist tools, static information, and diagrams towards a more agile world, where decisions are made on an informed cross-organisational basis.

A successful LeanIX implementation, ensures a better link between the business strategy and the IT strategy, and will as a platform become a cornerstone for the company's digital innovation, agility and ability to make data-driven decisions.

LeanIX can, among other, be used to identify opportunities to simplify the application landscape, assess technical risks in a business context or simply see how well the business objectives are supported by the current digital set-up. When a digital transformation is required, the tool can also support scenario planning and ongoing execution.

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Our mission is clear - the services we provide must help our customers achieve a better alignment between the business- and IT-strategy, strengthen the conditions for digital innovation and agility, and ensure that the IT- and data-landscape can be operated in a straightforward and cost-optimal manner, both short and long term.

Brian Halkjær, Co-Founder & Managing Director

LeanIX partner

Konfident can provide a team of dedicated, competent, and certified LeanIX specialists when you need assistance with your LeanIX implementation. We can take the lead or help on specific tasks. From planning to adopted daily practice.

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Other consultancy services

We offer consultancy services in relation to information architecture and information modelling, which ensures you data transparency and better utilisation of data in your company. This is done by letting relevant information be expressed in stable business terms rather than the individual system supplier's interpretations on data objects.

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