We have selected four guides from our partner LeanIX, which we believe touch on some key topics in relation to working with Enterprise Architecture, and which also provide a first insight into the way LeanIX approaches the topic. The four guides are a good place to start, but of course they don't cover everything! - see more on LeanIX, where you can find much more material on Enterprise Architecture Management, specific use cases and other products on the LeanIX platform.

What is Enterprise Architecture

Complete overview of Enterprise Architecture Management, EA frameworks, benefits, and the most important use cases.

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Enterprise Architecture Governance

Everything about Enterprise Architecture Governance, the associated frameworks, as well as roles and responsibilities.

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Enterprise Architecture Strategy

How to get started with Enterprise Architecture, common challenges, best practices, and how to ensure the EA is an ongoing success.

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Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is the practice of governing and optimizing inventories of software applications to achieve precise business objectives.

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