Why LeanIX

Why LeanIX
In our opinion, LeanIX is the best tool on the market to support digital transformation and reduce complexity in the company. LeanIX represents a new and modern generation of tools that make it possible for your company to work more efficiently and data driven.
Choosing the right architecture is a prerequisite for the company's digital innovation, agility, and ultimately the financial results in the company. LeanIX is an enterprise-wide tool that is relevant and intuitive at different organizational levels. It’s about value creation, but also about reducing the workload by letting LeanIX do the heavy lifting.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Gain real-time overviews of your IT landscape and business capabilities to transform productivity and accelerate your business transformation. Key areas: Application Portfolio Management, Technology Risk Management and Business Transformation Management.

SaaS Management Platform

Optimize cost and productivity of your SaaS. Integration with all leading financial, contract management, and Single Sign-on systems helps you quickly and continuously discover applications, providing visibility into the organisations SaaS ecosystem.

Value Stream Management

Deliver reliable software efficiently. LeanIX’s Value Stream Management connects teams, technology, and processes for efficient software delivery. It enables engineering leadership to eliminate risks, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies while simultaneously improving the flow of software delivery value.

Advantages of LeanIX:

  • Strengthens coherence between the company’s goals and digitisation efforts
  • Supports the company’s digital agility
  • Creates a cross-organisational overview
  • Democratises knowledge gathering and access to insights through an intuitive user interface
  • Secures and enhances the company’s knowledge base and makes it easier to on-board new employees and suppliers
  • Contributes to savings and risk minimisation
  • Powerful data model and reference data which speeds up time to value